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Guitars:  Jackson P4, Epiphone Les Paul
Fender Roc Pro Half Stack
Danelectro and Boss Effects
D'Addario Strings


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Genesis--"We Can't Dance"
Less Than Jake--"Losing Streak"
The Suicide Machines--"Destruction by Definition"
PotShot--"Pots and Shots"
Green Day--"Dookie"
Blink 182--"Dude Ranch"
Jimi Hendrix--"Live at Winterland"
The Living End--[Self Titled]
Aerosmith--"Big Ones"
Coolio--"Gangsta's Paradise"
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Best Song Ever Written:

"Dammit"...Blink 182

Worst Song Ever Written:

"Backstreet's Back" The Backstreet Boys

Biggest Influence:

Bob Marley
Favorite Thing to do: Play guitar, write music, make movies, play baseball, laugh at stupid people...
Favorite Places to Chill: If I'm not at school sleeping or pretending to pay attention, you can find me at Harding's Marketplace stocking fruits and veggies...but that's not cool at all...I'm usually at Pappy's with all my homies, bowling alleys trying to buy used bowling shoes, or somewhere trying desperately to get a woman.
Favorite Food: My Mom's home cookin'...
Favorite Shoes: Gotta be bowlin' shoes...
Favorite Hat Billabong hat
Favorite Band: Less Than Jake
Favorite Model: That Doritos chick...
Favorite Actress: Carmen Electra
Favorite Guitar: My Jackson P4
Favorite TV Show: WWF Raw
Quote: "If you call me an arab, I WILL KICK YOUR ASS!!"

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio on January 22 in 1984,  and moved to Kalamazoo when i was 4.  In 7th grade I moved to New Zealand, where I learned to play the guitar.  My first guitar teacher, Ian, was a cool guy but spent more time on the phone during our class than teaching me guitar.  So I quit and basically taught myself how to play on a cheap P.O.S. guitar from India.  When I moved back to Kalamazoo, I found that Phil had started a band with his brother, Pete and his friend, Rob.  At that time, the band was named “Hazardous Feeling.”  Shortly after, I joined the band and became a real guitar player, learning from Phil and Pete how to play rock ‘n roll.  My inspiration to write songs came from some good friends that I had lost when I came back, as well as from other major changes in my life during that time.  Later, we became known as Powderhound.  I discovered my punk-ska roots after attending a mustard plug concert at The State Theatre in Kalamazoo.  From that point in time, our band drastically changed the way that we looked at, wrote, and appreciated music.  We changed our name AGAIN to Nine Millimeter.

As of right now, I’m a junior in high school, and am probably going to attend Michigan State University or Western Michigan University.